Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Harry - who came before!

Long, long ago during the age that nestled somewhere between the Box Brownie and Kodak Instamatic The Staff had a kitty who warmed her cockles and her toesies. His name was Harry! She has mentioned him in passing before when she was writing an extremely boring series about her travels and studies.

He looked a bit like Tigger!

In those days The Staff didn't take very many photos mainly because it was difficult to get a kitten to pose when you are having to work within the constraints of twenty-four exposures!  So, this was Harry as a kitten. As you can see he was quite a cutie! Maybe there is some Bengal in him?  

He apparently loved cuddles *Staff looks meaningfully at Austin* and they lived together quite companionably for a couple of years and then The Staff went abroad to foreign parts and sadly Harry couldn't go with her! No worries though, as he landed on his feet, fell in with a couple of other cool kitties and moved to Ipswich!! He lived a good life there getting fat and lazy and spoilt ......! 


apparent - someone who is a father or a mother


Sunday, 19 October 2014

I'm ready for my close-up ..... !

Today I am again joining in with Kitties Blue and their Sunday Selfie blog hop :-)

My offering this time is a pretty nifty eyebrow-and-rear-nearside-paw combo! This is very difficult to say let alone do under normal circumstances, but as I am a highly trained cathlete at the pique peek peak of my performance, I was able to co-ordinate body parts and then man catipulate the camera with my versatile tail .. or as it is known locally, my versa-tail.

I think I was on the cusp of being successful!

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A while ago now I also won a prize from the Kitties Blue. One of a limited print painted by Marie (Katzy) Strom.  I was ecstatic when I received it and now tadaaah ........ has been framed!! Sorry about the side-on view and shadows, but I really love it and The Staff adores it. It is so cheerful and bright and is called Cat Dreams. Here is Katzy's Etsy shop. Check it out! Ch******s is coming ;-)


local - reduced in calories


Friday, 17 October 2014

The Morning After!


indicate (from the Latin indicat) - a feline who is hip and happening and alternative and totally cool man


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cat flap saga - episode #42761

Five years on! A story in pictures .....

Staff training is proceeding satisfactorily!


saga - a story that goes on and on and on and on ............


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Another attempt to do a selfie - with gratuitous poem!

It's awfully hard when you're a cat,
To take a selfie - that's a fact!
The paw's too short, the tongue's too long,
The photo's blurred; it looks so wrong!
But one thing's true, you can't deny,
This tuxie dood is fit! Oh My! ;-)

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determining - discourage excavation of mines


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Austin The Impressionist!

Some of you might remember my world (in)famous impression of a bear skin hat! In the same fashion ....

... here I am doing my impression of a riding hat!

Once again, I was so successful that my services were engaged at the Show Jumping Championships at Hickstead .....

... where I am happy to say I achieved a comfortable first in the Mixed British Championships! Yes, you read correctly.  I came first, the horse came second and the rider came third, as we parted company at the second to last fence which was a rather tricky triple bar! The judges ruled that it was of no consequence which part of the team arrived at the finish first!

I am now recuperating at home and will be able to receive visitors very soon :)


bifurcation (from the Latin bifurcat) - the act of purchasing a feline with fur


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Epic selfie fail, but nice whiskers!

No! I meant it, really! Today's selfie is highlighting my tuxie black and white fur integration. Note the seamless way the furs blend and weave into the purrfect tuxie chesticle! The collective noun for this is a "concatenation" of furs.

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concatenation - the fusion of different coloured furs 
(or a nation of feline convicts)