Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Packages and Prizes!

I received a package ..... from Texas in the USA???!!!







She calls me "dashing"!
I don't think I "dash" quite as much as I used to!
She sent me some "vitamins"
They will help me to dash!
You can never have too many of those, right?
How very thoughtful!
Vitamins!!!! *winks*

Comrade Sassy, as President and CEO of NUCAT
you have made me so proud ;-)

And I am suffused with warm fuzzies :)


And chicken!

Miss Sassy has told me I'm dashing,
My handsome tuxie is flashing!!
She sent me some noms
They're vitamin bombs
And my teeth, they are happily gnashing!

Sassy, you are the kindest most thoughtful girlfriendcat, ever!


Thank you to everyone who entered the draw for Rescued.  It was great fun :) I had a chat with The Affiliate Typist and we I decided that our coffers could stretch to two copies. So, after tickling random.org the numbers that corresponded to:

Cyn Stride (Facebook)
Lola the Rescued Cat

were randomly selected:-)

ConCats to you both and you'll be receiving your copies by mail shortly! :)


coffers - people who coff


Sunday, 22 March 2015

It's the way I tell 'em!

There was a young kitty called Poopy
Who was a bit of a cutie!
He said to himself,
"I'm not on the shelf"
Though my fundament is kind of droopy!  

Thought for the day.
He that laughs at his own wit
Who never knows when to quit
Shall surely feel a bit of a twit
In a bit!


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Friday, 20 March 2015

Rescued - A Book Review and Give-Away .. and "Magic Kevin"!

It's a packed blog post today ........ Read on.....

I was very very fortunate to win a copy of the just published book Rescued: The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes from my good pal, Brian from Brian's Home. Thanks mate :)

The Staff and I were very excited indeed - well, to be absolutely honest, it was The Staff who was jumping up and down like a two year old on a pogo stick! I thought it was a bit unseemly!

It is pretty obvious from the title what it is all about:

Twelve cats
Twelve rescues
Twelve stories
Twelve authors
Twelve months = Twelve shelters/rescues that will benefit from the sales. One each month.

The book is beautifully presented and was edited by Janiss Garza who is the human of Summer over at Sparkle Cat and a good blogging friend and the stunning cover was designed by Glogirly who, incidentally, is the creative brain behind our blog design!

At least six of the rescue stories are written by blogging pals! Being a rescue kitty myself, I can truly identify with these narratives. They are heartwarming, sometimes heart wrenching, but always compelling.

My name is Austin and I endorse this book!
The Staff read it straight through in two sittings (she had to take a nap break at one point!) and was enchanted by the stories, each told in a unique voice.

As I mentioned above, from each copy bought, a portion of the sales will go to a shelter or rescue nominated by each author, each month for twelve months. This month the nominated shelter is Great Plains SPCA and you can read about their amazing story here. They were selected by Ryker's human, Lisa Richman, whose blog A Tonk's Tail is one of our absolute faves.

You can buy a copy from Amazon US or Amazon UK and there is a kindle option too.

Now, I have been having a good long chat with The Staff Person and we have decided that we would like to offer one copy of the book in a draw to one person, from anywhere in the world, who leaves a comment here.  Lisa has very kindly agreed to also send a "pawtographed" and signed bookplate to the lucky winner! All commenters will be entered into the draw unless they specifically say otherwise.

Please leave a comment before midday GMT on Monday - don't forget to put email contact details - and we will use random.org to choose the winner. Watch this space!


A bit of a neat segue here. The beautiful cover star of
Rescued is Crepes from Cat in the Fridge blog. Her sweet story is also told in the book and her humans are the brains behind the hilarious Cat CATastrophes videos. They have recently launched a new video to celebrate the "magic of black cats". It stars Hemingway who plays "Magic Kevin" who brings his owners amazing good luck when they adopt him, only for it to all go seriously wrong when they take him to be neutered! Watch it! Have a laugh! Think about adopting a black cat :)


Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Meditative Monochrome Moment!

Some of you had the temerity to laugh at the fact that one of my nicknames is Poopy!! The person who gave me that name was summoned to appear before the magistrate and interrogated as to the reason why this came about! 

Under rather exhaustive cross examination the following statement was forthcoming from the accused: It is poo as in puddy with the affectionate ...pee (contracted to py) suffix as a term of endearment! So it's nothing to do with  ..... err ..... you know ..... doodoo or peepee! 

In fact I am given to understand that it is the shortened form of nincompoop. See below for definition.

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nincompoop - a literate and erudite person or cat
erudite - a kind of glue or someone who adheres to rudeness


Saturday, 14 March 2015

Caturday Art and Folderol!

Austin and Tigger and Mini-Me,
Went out one day on a bit of a spree.
They hitched a ride on a passing train,
But all of a sudden it began to rain.

The boys were on a sticky wicket
Someone forgot to buy the ticket!
So instead of being inside and warm,
They were on the top amidst the storm.

Insults flew and paws were raised,
And Mini-Me became afraid!
He was stuck between them in the middle,
And thought that he was going to piddle.

All of a sudden, the train, it stopped!
The boys were tipped from off the top.
They felt rather stupid if truth be known,
As all was witnessed by a passing crone!

The lesson here that we must learn,
Is do not trust the weird human.
With all this nonsense and folderol,
It's enough to raise the cholesterol!

Oh Please, Oh Please, just make it stop!
All this messing about with Photoshop!!


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folderol - where folders are kept


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

An Embarrassment of Awards!

Ok, I know awards get passed around, but I've had most of these for a while without thanking those that gave them to me! As the young things would say "My Bad"! So since I have accepted them, it is only polite to post them for all to see.

I know there are rules schmools with some of them, but as President of NUCAT I question the need to fulfil the rules schmools without proper discussion and negotiation about rights and privileges! 

Putting all that aside I am a grateful kitty - yes I'm full of grate - to have so many buddies.

Scroll through all the pretty pictures until you get to a lot of writing again. It'll be worth it! Honest! :)

From Nissy

(we are now at 136,000)

I accepted one recently from both Sammy from One Spoiled Cat and Dezi from Dezizworld. It is the Real Neat Blog Award. Thank you very much, both :)

Being born and brought up in the decidedly un-neat rural North Wales, I understand that "Real Neat" is a good thing! Real meaning "not imaginary" and Neat meaning "tidy" I'll take that! I'm definitely not a figment of The Staff's imagination and I like my things arranged just so.

There are seven questions to answer from each of the awarders, so I have combined them to make fourteen in all (you can never hear enough about me, right?) Though some might be answered by the pollexed personage - she is a person of a certain age!!!

From Dezi - my answers in red

1. Do you hav any nicknames? Yes and some are quite embarrassing and will only be divulged under duress! Mr Poo is the main one. Also The Boy, My Boy, Poopy and Whozabooful'ngorjusshandsomestkittyboy? *rolls eyes*
2. If so, what’s yous favowit, why and how did you get it? Well, not the last one that's for sure! I haven't interrogated the humans as to what strange mental processes they go through in order to come up with something like "Poopy"!!!
3. What’s yous favowit season and why? Summer, without a doubt. As I go outside and hunt and play with Tigger, my buddy. 
4. Do you hav any siblings, and if so how many? I am an enigma. Nobody knows. I was a foundling.
5. Awe you da oldest or yungest? And do you fink you get tweated diffewent cuz of it? See answer to 4 above. 
6. Do you hav a favowit tweat or dessert and what is it? Treat!!! Any make chicken and cheese, though since we've had the NUCAT campaign to change the name of treat, it is now officially a vitamin! ;) 
7. Do you hav a favowit game or past time, and what is it? Apart from napping you mean? I quite like chatting to The Staff as she is a very good listener. However, my favourite pastime is playing with the knitting needle that the very old human in the house - my grandma - click click clicks with all the time. The noise makes me very antsy!! I love it. The human has to be careful that I don't get poked with it by mistake! AND I love being brushed the wrong way. I know! Crazy, isn't it!

From Sammy

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why? The Staff says, the Black Forest and I say here is just fine thank you :)
2. What’s your all time FAVORITE gift you EVER received? Tough one! There have been so many! I would say the last one I played with.
3. What scares you the most? Sudden loud noises like fireworks and the human coughing.
4. Do you think animals and humans reincarnate? No
5. Do you think there’s life on other planets? In the form of living sentient beings? No.
6. What’s your FAVORITE food? I really, really like fresh cooked chicken breast.
7. Do you enjoy OUTDOORS or being INDOORS the most? I like going outdoors, but I spend most of the time indoors as it's warm and that's where I get noms and where all my comfy napping places are.

Thank you very much to Dezi and Sammy. Now, I am supposed to pass some of these on, but do you know? I am quite exhausted. 


duress - to put on clothes
sentient - someone who wears perfume
enigma - possibly something embarrassing that happens at the v-e-t